Monday, June 15, 2009

Kassidy's Super Hero parade.

Old school Wonder Woman, new school Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl.
Princess Star Girl. (A Kassidy creation.)
Cat Girl. (A Kassidy creation.)
Ring Girl. (A Kassidy creation.)
Flower Girl. (A Kassidy creation.)
I think this one is Kassidy as a Jedi.
Wonder Woman and a distressed sun.
Sue Storm/Invisible Girl. (a.k.a. Sue Richards/Invisible Woman.)
Kassidy invented a girl Green Lantern.

(Funny aside. It does not make any sense to Kassidy why the Green Lantern is called Green Lantern when his power comes from his ring. I'm like, "Well, he has to charge his ring in a green lantern". This explanation just gets a blank stare. I'm with her. It's pretty freaking dumb that he's named after the thing that powers the ring and not the ring itself. We don't call cars "combustion engines". We call them cars. Comics!?!)

Most of these were drawn back in March around Kassidy's 7th birthday. She is still on a pretty big super hero kick. Right now she is into the Huntress and all things X-Men.